How you help them go beyond survival

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Thanks to our small, New York-based team and our partner organization War Child UK, we are able to keep our operating costs low and our mission focused so your donations can fund our programs that provide:



Your support helps reunify children with their families, set up emergency child helplines, and provide child-friendly spaces where they can play, express themselves, and build up confidence to help overcome the effects of war.



With your help, we can fund educational programs for children specific to their age, experience, and environment. From tablet-based learning to teaching entrepreneurial skills, these programs sustain a sense of normalcy in the midst of chaos.

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From responding to emergencies in real time by providing basic life needs, to assisting life beyond survival with digital and entrepreneurial skills, your support helps young people emerge from years of war so they have employment and stability.

Often children were staying on the street because they didn’t have anyone to talk to. Now we can counsel them, mediate, and support them to be reunified with their parents.
— Beline, Social Worker, Democratic Republic of Congo

You can help employ more people like Beline so more children are safe

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Our regions of focus


Central African Republic

This is one of the world’s most volatile countries. Armed groups are responsible for displacing over 1 million people, stripping away the life needs of 2.5 million people, and putting 2 million people at risk of starvation.

Children are hurt most by this conflict—they’re separated from their families, they witness and endure violence, fall victim to sexual abuse, and are forced to join armed groups.

We respond by supporting War Child UK to swiftly identify and care for children at risk of exploitation, giving them psycho-social support, and helping those formerly associated with armed groups to reintegrate back into their communities.


Democratic Republic of the Congo

As hard as it is to comprehend, more than 5 million people over the past 20 years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have died as a direct result of conflicts. Sadly, children 5 and under account for over half of those deaths. Ongoing outbursts of conflict and political instability make children vulnerable to exploitation, recruitment by armed forces, and harm.

Our support of War Child UK’s programs meets children’s immediate and longer term needs—uniting them with their families, providing access to age and experience-appropriate education, accessing psycho-social care, and setting up a free crisis helpline. Once these needs are met, our support continues to help them transition back to civilian life.

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Almost 9 million people in Iraq need humanitarian assistance, half of them children. Yazidis in the region have lived in camps since 2014 after they were forced from their homes by ISIS in what was initially likened to a genocide. They cannot return home, and much of the humanitarian aid that sustained them evaporated, leaving them without refuge.

Our partner organization, War Child UK, is one of the few organizations that still works in the Yazidi camps, in addition to other vulnerable locations in Iraq. The programs we support offer immediate access to safe and inclusive learning environments, psycho-social care, and education.



3 years of conflict in Yemen decimated education, health, economic, and social infrastructures. The effects of conflict are made worse by the risk of famine and widespread outbreaks of cholera, and 77% of the population needs humanitarian assistance.

Our partner organization, War Child UK, was one of the first foreign NGOs to register in the area after the most recent conflict broke out. We support their programs in providing emergency access to food, sensitizing communities about children’s vulnerabilities to exploitation during conflict, working with locals to refurbish schools, and holding back-to-school campaigns for students and teachers so critical years of learning don’t go lost.